Andromeda Group IT Consulting

Online Assistance (coming soon)

For those requiring more immediate , online assistance we offer our monthly blog subscription. Through the month, helpful tips will be entered on the blog ranging from help to the novice user, to more intricate advice to the resident IT professionals. In addition we offer direct question and answer support. Prices vary due to the complexity and duration of the conversation.

Here, at the Andromeda Group IT consulting division, we offer over 40 years of experience in the IT/Networking sector. Specifically we offer expertise in the following areas;

1) Residential PC and Networking assistance, along  with troubleshooting, virus scanning, OS reloads and connectivity issues.

2) Small and intermediate sized corporate infrastructure solutions. Including PC/OS migrations, network backbone replacements and migrations, end user training and short and long term infrastructure planning.

3) IT/Infrastructure/Network project management.